Isn’t it amazing how the surprising sex scandal of the film industry keeps dominating the news? Now actresses showing off at the film awards wear slinky, sexy clothes in midnight black to emphasise that they don’t want to be seen as sexy sights in the production of Hollywood’s make-believe world.

It might be that some of us are not too happy that the so surprising sex shock horror should keep dominating the news.

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Lights, camera action! ... Chasing dreams does come with a price. Photo by Emma Lopez on Unsplash, and used gratefully here.

Thank goodness (some might say) that the news, which could be boring the pants of us with details of Brexit, is serving up instead this sex-it denial of sex.

Men, we learn, rather fancy women, and – surprise, surprise – a few of the more inventive ones who happen to be influential as well, have found that sometimes it takes more than a wolf-whistle or half a pint to get a gal to disrobe.

Naughty old Red Delicious

Not a lot of real news there because that’s been the human situation since Adam loosened Eve’s elastic with an introduction to Granny Smiths, or maybe a naughty old Red Delicious ….

Shock, horror, but one of the most influential men in the world of films used his charm and a bit more to encourage dishy gals to climb under the eiderdown.

What could this 'brute' have used to force these poor star-struck souls onto the love couch?

In short – well, in abundance, really - he could offer them Queen-sized fame of a huge, almost unimaginable quantity.

To be a film star ...

Given the influence of movies in our world, what girl wouldn’t be prepared to drop everything in return for what almost all young women dream of most of all – to be a film star, the ultimate for the ego and certainly to prove how wrong was your teacher, the other kids in the class, your father.

He has the power to have the world holding its breath for you, and for your life, as long - just as long, of course – as you have the talent, the magic, to imprint your magic into the celluloid.

What a disappointment for gals who paid the, as it were, entrance price, to discover that don’t have that mysterious je ne c’est quoi to wow the world via film. Hopefully, they found pleasure in that introductory pampering.

How odd to hear so many take it out on the man who had the key to such immense popularity, and to hear news providers take it so seriously. However, the unavoidable situation is that it takes more than a keen reproductive appearance to be a successful screen actress. More controversy tomorrow … promise

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