Yesterday I was wondering how to pitch my protest if I decided to make my ill-feelings for President Chump public. An email had just arrived from the Green Party inviting me to raise objections with them.

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You can protest ... but who will actually hear your message? Photo by Spenser on Unsplash
It’s one thing to decide to protest publicly, but in the case of this unsavoury visitor, what could be the most effective method?

Might it be shouting in a mob or carrying a placard, or firing off some powerful rockets from National Service days?

The actual words shouted don't matter really as yelling anything at all different from the majority of howls is hardly likely to be heard.

What to write?

A placard poses challenges. What to write or paint, daub or draw on my cardboard or plywood square?

However, an answer came within an hour or so of posting my concern on the Sailing to Purgatory website, and on Facebook, and Blogger. It popped into my inbox from the Lib Dems, in the name of the deputy leader Jo Swinson.

She invited your scribe and a zillion others to join their protest ... and to come equipped with whistles horns, placards, posters, water, snacks and sunscreen. Presumably the last three were not actually for the vocal side of the protest.

A world-wide protest

The Lib Dems and objectors will meet at 2pm at the All Souls Church, 2 All Souls’ Place, Marylebone, London W1B 3DA, just five blocks north of Oxford Circus, and close to the BBC.

The protest will go across the world via social media. ‘Don’t forget to tweet and post throughout the day,' prompted Ms Swinson, 'telling us why you are marching with the Lib Dems using our hashtag #LibDemsAgainstTrump.

'You can also email your photos and videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..'

Nothing left to chance there. So which group should I join, or should this singlehanded Cape Horner protest solo … and for that matter, should I really protest out there on the street at all tomorrow? Perhaps that's the real question ...

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