Hardly had the final fullstop fallen into place on yesterday’s account of witnessing that extraordinary modern-day phenomenon of being able to see my own heart beating than today I was able to see my own hands - from the inside. And even more astonishingly, my brain.

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Hands on ... The right hand that guided me round the world on my solo Cape Horner circumnavigation and the writing hand for a number of books, here rather crushed in the accident. How astonishing to get under the skin to see it.
Amazing, surely impossible, and yet there were the images in this morning’s mail, on a disk containing x-rays taken after my bike accident last month.

There was the left hand, and the right hand, bones, joints, outline … and astoundingly the brain in great detail.


Apologies if I seem overwhelmed by the extraordinary views of me from the inside, as it were. But I am.

When you’ve lived for a few decades under the will of the brain, it is astonishing to see one's lord and master, the driving force, in the flesh – or almost as good as.

The virtual x-ray photo album came by courtesy of an extraordinarily efficient side of the NHS, a side that we never usually hear about.

I asked at St George’s Hospital a little earlier this month about the chances of seeing the X-rays that the medical experts saw after my ugly bike accident.

Hoping for a quick glimpse

I hoped I might be allowed a quick glimpse over someone’s shoulder in some hospital laboratory.

I was directed to the X-ray Department, filled in a simple form, and at home today accepted a signed-for envelope from the hospital. And there was what the experts had examined, all filed neatly on a dvd, packaged within a neat Philips IntelliSpace PACS MediaViewer. Amazing!

Amazing to see and amazing to be able to keep, perhaps not exactly for a family colour slide evening, but really pleasing to have.

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