Guess who’s sending out junk mail? No point in me putting that to you. You simply won’t, couldn’t, guess who, and when I reveal all, you won’t believe me.

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Hands up! ... The local palace offers an interesting alternative to Wimbledon.
Normally I wouldn’t know either because I have an ancient neighbour who loathes, detests junk mail – only loathe and detest are both terms that are much too gentle to show the extent of his hatred.

He thinks nothing of laying in wait for junk mail deliverers and giving it to them vociferously the moment they try sliding leaflets through the communal door letterbox, or under the door, or even over it.

A sort-of living

I protest. The deliverers are only doing a job, trying to earn a sort-of living.

Better that by far than simply shrugging your shoulders and signing on for the dole, I say, wasting my breath yet again. Today’s surprise junk mailer got passed him somehow, though it’s true that he is a royalist, so Madam in her crown, if she had been appointed to the task, would certainly see a smile never offered to others.

I’ve given it away, of course. Yes, Royalty has turned to junk mail. The surprise had me asking Uncle Google if the family had gone broke.

He offered, ‘Cost of the British monarchy - According to Republic, a group which campaigns for a democratic alternative to the Monarchy, the true cost of the Monarchy to the British taxpayer is actually £334 million a year – nearly 10 times more than the figure published by the Royal Family.
25 May 2018

Royalty’s hard sell is not actually for visits to the Queen’s apartments but for Hampton Court Palace, just a cycle ride away from me beside the River Thames.

The product reveals what’s on at the palace. The high colour, expensive printing offers jousting, and ‘Join us for our feasting season – see the kitchens, experience live drama, visit the Magic Garden and get lost in the Maze.’

Get lost in the Maze

Might it seem the cardboard leaflet is aimed at falling into the hands of a family’s little ones? A colouring-in picture and even a word search puzzle seems to confirm that.

Parents are not left out, of course. Would Her Majesty dream of such a thing? Mums and Dads are invited to take out a membership to ‘hrp’, presumably Historic Royal Palaces for, what! How much … ‘From only £52…’ Parents might be wise to note well the ‘from only’.

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The cost of royalty

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