Very pleased to report that at last online booksellers, Amazon, Book Depository, and Waterstones, are agreed. Sailing to Purgatory exists and they will be happy to supply the paperback to (discerning) readers.

Sounds of relief from your scribe here at However, as we might expect, it isn't all quite plain sailing just yet. I want to order and send three copies to New Zealand, so the natural choice is Book Depository which very generously states that there’s no delivery charge for anywhere, just about, world wide.

With frustration over supplies done and dusted, as they say, I called up the site and began typing in the order. Surprisingly the site kept acting in a quite mean-spirited way, switching my request for three copies to one. Obviously, Book Depository will have nothing to do with greed.

Eventually the coding spelt out the reason. It couldn’t handle such a large order. What a surprise in our world. Avarice seems suddenly unfashionable.