A happy conclusion to a book-buying drama came today with a handsome fellow doing a nifty dash up the stairs to the modest habitation.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
I've been having trouble getting a copy of my new story, Sailing to Purgatory, from some of our foremost online book providers. However, as visitors to this corner of the internet will know, it's not been without its moments.

One minute, it seems, I order a book, then on a return to the website, I learn that they don't have any. Half an hour later, Sailing to Purgatory is available, of course it is. Then, just a few minutes later, and the message has gone all negative.

Dash up the stairs

The agony came to an end and Amazon regained its reputation with me today with a dash up the stairs by Julian, of the Hermes delivery people. Enjoy, the good man said, probably guessing the content of the neat Amazon packet.

'I'll do my best,' I assured him. A lot of the enjoyment has been just looking at the book which claimed so much of my recent years.

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