Isn't our elder solo circumnavigator, Jeanne Socrates doing well. The gal has reached about the middle of the South Indian Ocean, about midway between South Africa and Australia, two very tempting destinations.

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Dressed to the Force 9s ... Jeanne Socrates radioed this shot yesterday as she donned heavy weather gear for trimming sails in the Southern Ocean.
For a lady who has been on her own since 3rd October and facing singlehandedly oceanic threats that such daring entails, most of us would say that the dear gal has earned a G and T by now.

Yet steadfastly, determinedly, she presses on. As I pointed out a little while ago, Jeanne had only to steer a little to her left to find herself surrounded by the best of company in Cape Town.

Showing off her stronger stuff, she ignored temptation and kept going.

Dumped upside down

When I sailed the waters she plies now, my singlehanded yacht, Spirit of Pentax, had been dumped upside down by an angry ocean and her foremast broken.

I had no choice but to aim for Freemantle, which of course, is the outer entry for highly hospitable Perth.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Party dress ... Here's our determined mariner well removed from the sea, proving she is no stranger to the pleasure of company.
I don't mean this as a male boast, but more as a sign of the good-heartedness and hospitality of West Australians.

Hardly had an hour or two passed in port than a most delectable Australian was offering a most astounding welcome, one that the visiting circumnavigator is hardly likely to forget.

Well, Jeanne was able to display the courage and determination that makes her such an outstanding singlehander as she approached Cape waters, and then passed along the foot of South Africa.

The challenge of temptation

Now Temptation enters the voyage again. According to my calculations, the good lady is a little less that 3,000 miles from Freemantle.

If she keeps up only a moderate hundred miles a day, the lady could be surrounded by handsome celebrants just a month away.

Has Jeanne Socrates the determination to avoid temptation?

Her logbook whispers not a hint of veering from the relatively straight and narrow. She seems absolutely determined to become the oldest woman to sail solo ​​nonstop​ ​unassisted around the world​, and the first woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world from North America.

No temptation, then, if she is to achieve the double title. Will she, won't she? Watch this space!

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Jean Socrates about a month ago

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