You've got to hand it to the girl: solo yachtswoman Jeanne Socrates is doing amazingly well on her 173rd day away from humans, on her own.

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A smile of success ... Jeanne Socrates, not far from the Great Australian Bight now, has been on her own at sea for 173 days, and nights.
Jeanne is down in the Roaring Forties, almost-roaring herself in her smart yacht Nereida, towards Australia, south of Australia, and the notoriously stormy Great Australian Bight.

Look to the South, to where the sun is at noon, and very far that way plus a little to the left, there she is a few Southern Ocean swells (plus 7,100 miles) away.

It's easy to report that she has been at sea, on her own, for 173 days which is almost 25 weeks.

Rude awakenings

But then I think of all I have been doing in those 173 days, and invite you to weigh up much of what has monopolised your life since 3rd October last year.

Shopping, driving, walking, Christmas, New Years, being with friends, sleeping soundly without fear of a rude awakening - at least, most of the time, hopefully. Able to go to the doctor if necessary, with a hospital emergency ward usually nearby.

And for we in the Northern Hemisphere, that time includes Autumn, winter, really cold nights and freezing winds. Then, almost suddenly, the sun is back in our hemisphere, and signs of spring are springing up all around - daffs, poppies, blossoms, lawns reinvigorated, favourite shows in television, probably, perhaps even a film show.

However, for Jeanne, what has she seen in all that time? Only her smart yacht, and the sea, and the sky and day and night, and the occasional ocean dweller, feathered or scaled.

Hats off to Jeanne

I'm simplifying her present world, of course, but without any exaggeration, it certainly lacks all the diversions that fill our lives and fulfil them.

So hats off to Jeanne, that very, very determined and talented 76-year-old.

Keep going, dear lady, and you'll have those accolades you desire, to be the oldest woman to sail solo ​​nonstop​ ​unassisted around the world, and the first woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world from North America.

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Jeanne at a half-way mark

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