The government’s media experts’ latest plan to shift public attention away from the shambles of brexit has certainly worked this time.

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Change of headlines ... The government succeeds in pushing the police to a headline changer.
The police have been nudged into grabbing the WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange from his long and ghastly asylum in Ecuador’s London embassy.

And that has certainly changed the headlines, and – putting democratic thoughts to a side for the moment - thank the heavens (or the government media experts) for it.


And most probably so say all of us.

What a pantomime the brexit talks have been, what a really ghastly showing of poor democracy is the whole political nonsense of leaving the EU or not.

And what lies, or huge exaggerations, were used to persuade the populace to vote against remaining.

Yet among the endless arguing within government, what do we hear of those who deliberately misled voters, and the wealthy capitalists’ millions pumped into the leave propaganda? Nothing.

A minority government splits into opposing sides.


Yet isn’t it astonishing that those involved with the red bus propaganda tour of the country, the hype of the vast sum which would go to the NHS upon our withdrawal, that no-one is required to explain.

And now the eccentric who imprisoned himself in an embassy to escape prosecution for sex charges, later withdrawn, and to avoid extradition to the US for the release of film showing US soldiers killing Iraq civilians from a helicopter, is grabbed by a virtual army of police and hauled off to face ‘justice’.

Democratic ideals aside for the moment, as challenging as that is, what a relief not to have to have the latest of the brexit shambles at the start of the news.

The BBC has a very interesting timeline of the Assange histrionics from August 2010 at the bottom of the page here ⇒⇒

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