How's our 76-year-old lady solo mariner, Jeanne Socrates, doing down there in the vast Southern Ocean? Remarkably well!

She has covered 18,148 nautical miles on her 208th day yesterday. She has most likely sailed very much further because Jeanne very modestly measures daily distances between fixes. That won't include distances sailed in tacks, of course.

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Gentling the wildest ocean ... Jeanne approaches Tasmania in the Southern Ocean, but very uncharacteristically the weather stays gentle ... for the moment. Photo by Ruslan Valeev on Unsplash
Jeanne has signalled back to we landlubbers:
'7am: Dark grey mass of cloud ahead with deep orange line of light below.

'Bright silver crescent moon high up. Seas well down.'


She reports some very slow progress. 'Struggling to make way downwind in very light wind.

'1030am: Having breakfast after a long radio sched.

'Lovely to chat to so many contacts in Australia - from Perth and Albany in West Australia to Flinders Island in the Bass Strait, and up to near Brisbane.'

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Dream time ... Jeanne probably recalls calmer moments back before the start, back in the calm of a sopisticated marina.
The Australian coast, 120 miles away, appeared on her electronics on the yacht. 'It's the first land I've seen on the screen since the Falklands, soon after Cape Horn.

'Very cloudy sky, but no rain so far. Wind still light. So soup and then some pancakes. I needed hot food to warm up.

'Suddenly got a lot rougher as wind increased over the afternoon, but the wind has been less than I was hoping for overnight.

'The pancakes were excellent though!'

Several light wind patches are likely ahead, she predicts. 'All we can do is to keep on going - but further off the Tasmania coast than planned. High mountains mean there's likely to be better wind further off.'

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Jeanne's going well
Jeanne cold shoulders danger
A very determined lady

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