Considering the pride in our British ability to mock ourselves, how astonishingly strange that the Beeb, of all wise influences in life, should consider that a joke about royalty is verboten.

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Dear little, um, dear, um, baby ... An old term of affection for little ones is considered suddenly to be inflammatory. Photo by Rose Elena on Unsplash
The gifted folk in that massively influential part of our lives, which agree to and laugh along with so many gibes at the British way of life, felt that a disc jockey's joke about royalty was OTT.

So much so that instead of telling him to delete tout de suite his tweet suggesting that the new addition to royalty might be a little monkey - that favourite term of affection by new grandparents - they fired him and very publicly.

Hasty decision

Perhaps only bachelors were involved in that hasty decision for what term is used more for little additions than endearingly put, 'little monkeys?'

Danny Baker of Radio 5 was fired so publicly that if he hasn't already been offered a job by commercial radio, one will almost certainly be in the morning's post.

Unending broadcasts about the babe's arrival certainly made little Archie top news. Did the news deserve such prominence? Perhaps it was chosen to divert the public from political games over whether UK leaves the EU.

A caption pretended that it might have been the brand new little prince and his parents.
Yet what was the joke that cost that long-standing BBC announcer his job?

He tweeted an old photo showing a couple from many, many generations ago, walking with a dressed-up chimpanzee. A caption pretended that it might have been the brand new little prince and his parents.

In a nation that prides itself in mocking every level of society, the Beeb hysteria is odd. Seemingly executives saw it somehow as racial. Perhaps it means that relatives gushing over new babies in future better choose affectionate terms with great care.

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