A big surprise for economy shoppers at my local Lidl shop today – a handsome present of a box of Belgium chocolates.

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Tasty ... Keeping chocolate lovers happy. Photo by Jordane Mathieu on Unsplash
What a welcome surprise for shoppers from this chain we use for better prices … especially as the only giveaway you’ll get at a non-economy supermarket I use from time to time is the non-surprise of increased prices.

For instance, being a wine drinker until a some years ago, I’ve enjoyed Sainsbury’s grape juice.

Not long ago, it look a leap up in price to 75p, then a couple of months or so ago to £1, and now its advertised at £1.25.

Giant price hike

They stocked a really pleasant Columbian coffee for around a pound for a 227g bag. Then it rose to £2, soon to £3, onto £3.50, which even for a non-mathematician is a giant price hike.

What a blaze of publicity would surround a gift from Sainsbury’s or other Brit supermarkets. However, from Lidl no hype at all.

What, experienced supermarket visitors might ask, a gift with nothing expected in return?

Nothing exactly expected, but something certainly hoped for.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Yummy ... Free chocs to encourage sweet thoughts.
Each shopper’s till receipt, handed over with the chocs, had a line at the bottom highlighted, a request to enter a Lidl survey.

Will people oblige? The surprised expressions around me certainly suggested that most will.

Pleasant approach

I'm sure, too, that the surprisingly pleasant approach will certainly record considerable support.

The generous spirit continued on the Lidl website, which offered those completing the short survey a ‘prize draw’ for a chance to win 'great prizes'.

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