Circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates, 76, on Nereida sails into her last month at sea, now well north in the North Pacific, with the wily old Southern Ocean left far behind.

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Nearly home is the sailor ... Jeanne Socrates pauses in the North Pacific to let two hurricanes pass by.
The major danger she faces now comes from tropical revolving storms, two of which are loitering, seemingly with intent.

This is along her track back to the home port of Victoria, British Columbia, which she sailed from on 3rd October.

The National Hurricane Centre reported that storm Flossie – at 12.2°N 120.5°W - was about to swell to hurricane strength.

A major hurricane

The fury is travelling west at 15 mph. The maximum sustained winds were blowing at 70 mph, with minimum pressure at 999mb.

Meanwhile, storm Erick (seemingly American spelling) becomes a major hurricane far east-south-east of Hawaii, the centre reports.

Early this morning, the hurricane was travelling at 17 mph at 13.4°N x 142.8°W.

Sustained gusts are blasting at 115 mph.

It makes sense that Jeanne has decided to slow to a dawdle. You might imagine that passing time like that when home is but three weeks away could be utterly frustrating. However, true to her gender, she's keeping busy on the blower. ‘Excellent propagation to Florida and East coast of USA,’ she reports.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Wide blue yonder ... That's Jeanne (arrowed) in the bottom left corner en route for home, keeping a good weather eye, though, to the storm lying in her path.

‘Good to chat to ham radio friends - several I've not spoken to for a while.

‘0830: Rolling around a lot, from side to side - not much wind, maybe eight knots from the North-east, but quite a big swell.

'A lot of broken light grey cloud with just one tiny patch of blue.


‘I might need to heave-to even sooner, depending on whether Erick heads due West or takes a slightly more northerly track in heading this way...

‘Feeling pretty tired - not enough sleep overnight - will try to get some soon...’

Jeanne’s been busy with her publicity, too, it seems, for she says that a interview with Eric, 4Z1UG, is here. She reports that another, with Adelaide ABC about her Equator crossing, is here. However, to hear this one requires some web checking-in.

It seems that an amateur radio l o n g interview is here, too.

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Jeanne passes Cape Horn

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