I swallowed an aspirin tonight as I have for more years than I could say and didn’t think twice as I took it from its Boots package and helped it down with a cup of Aldi coffee.

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Daddy knows best ... Deaths continue because people who want the kick from drugs can't go to a reliable and legal supplier. Of course, our elders and betters know better than the rest of us. Take the professional handling of Br-x-t, for instance. Thanks to the BBC for a screenshot of their story tonight.
I read in the Guardian or the Observer years ago that a tiny amount of aspirin is good for a human, and the advice sounded wise.

I don’t take the sort of drugs that are forever dominating the news.

No appeal

That's not because rather sensibly I wouldn’t trust the source, but because they have no appeal.

However, lots of people adore the feeling that drugs inspire.

They can’t go to Boots to ask for an ounce or two of the Big C because people who think they know better – elected people like our Br-x-t experts, no less – won’t let them.

Wanting a snort or two

Well, many of the unelected want a snort or two. If they can’t get it in the High Street, some contact will tell them where they can get it in a low street.

The bloke in the low street is very pleased at how the product is selling, and a form of greed sets in, and he hears how to make the little he has go further.

He adds this or that and his customers start to go sick, and worse, but plenty of more punters are waiting.

On the other hand, instead of paying a fortune for the kicks that the forbidden pleasure brings, they could live somewhere where it is sold in a variation of a chemist shop, above board and acceptable, at a reasonable price … and live a good life while experiencing the pleasure that’s desired.

We’ve been down this foolish track before with alcohol. Unfortunately, though, some societies never learn. Could it be because some of those doing the forbidding are profiting?

Considering that the caring soul behind all the foolishness is Tricky Dicky, and the nonsense and unfairness and crookedness of it all ought not to be exactly obscure.

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