Happy birthday Jeanne Socrates, solo circumnavigator extraordinaire, as she edges closer to her Pacific coast finishing harbour in British Columbia.

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Takes the cake ... Jeanne's birthday selfie, complete with a well-travelled birthday cake.
Yes, 77 years young we could say for the good lady defies ageing rules and proves that being in the seventies doesn’t mean the end of the road is near.

For her, though, the end of the ocean highway of her very long circumnavigation is not so far away.

26,693 miles

She estimates that she has covered at least 26,693 nautical miles.

That puts the home harbour almost within sight, even though placid weather is making current progress rather snail-like.

She’s been gone, away from humankind (apart from a few days close by), for 322 days.

In anyone’s book that’s a long time, but for Jeanne it must seem almost a lifetime.

For a circumnavigator determined to win two world records - to be the oldest woman to sail solo non-stop unassisted around the world, and the first woman to sail solo non-stop unassisted around the world from North America – the public is kept guessing about her credentials.

She has a Wikipedia entry, yet even that is very short on details.

She has been described as a maths professor, who seemingly lives in British Columbia.

A lovely, warm, sunny day

Her spoken interviews give her an educated British accent, and Wikipedia describes her as a British yachtswoman.

At the weekend, she logged, ‘A lovely, warm, sunny day again - perfect, if slow, sailing in gentle conditions.

She snaps a selfie of her lone self with a slice of birthday cake - ‘tasty, rich Dundee,’ she reports.

‘Afternoon tea in a beautiful pottery mug (thanks, Louise!) - only brought out on calm, special occasions.'

And at 0720 the following day, she notes, ‘Bright sunny morning. Wind has backed more towards SSE from S … Breakfast... Feeling cooler - cabin temperature now at 26C from previous 30C.’

Her position is 41˚42' North by 146˚ 03' West.

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Wikipedia: Jeanne Socrates

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