Circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates, no spring chicken at 77, is almost back at her departure port after sailing round the world via notorious Cape Horn and the Southern Ocean.

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View from the drawing room ... This is the scene Jeanne sees when she draws the curtains on board her yacht, Nereida. Thanks to Jeanne for today's radio'd photo.
The determined lady left Victoria, British Columbia, in the beginning of last October.

That means she has been at sea - alone - for 333 days.


Considering the number of other humans most of us see each day, it is stunning to realise that for 33 days, she has not seen another human.

Of course, there was that pause in Timaru Harbour in New Zealand, but showing more of her enormously strong willpower, Jeanne declined all invitations to go ashore.

Instead, she carried out necessary repairs herself and returned to the sea.

In her log today, she wrote, 'Hazy sky with lots of stars visible and a chilly feel to the air.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Jeanne's good ship ... Nereida has carried Jeanne almost completely around the globe, give or take three days more.
'Trimmed sails for a beam reach and the speed increased satisfyingly. Wind has backed a lot now - to North, or nearly so.

'We're actually headed for the Strait entrance (home) directly now - for the first time for several days. Cape Flattery is now 280 miles off... now just under three days away, although light winds will make that time longer.

'Thursday is looking possible... Ask the weather gods that have sent these light winds to slow us down...'

Distance to go: Ogden Pt breakwater in Victoria Harbour is 291 nautical miles, Jeanne estimates.

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