Home is sailor Jeanne Socrates, home from the sea, well, all of the seas that lie in a circumnavigation of the world.

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World-record holder ... Jeanne Socrates sails into port after 339 days alone sailing round the world. An outstanding voyage for anyone - for a 77-year-old breath-taking.
And not just home, but back with the two goals she pursued, to be the oldest woman sailing alone around the world, and the first woman to sail solo non-stop unassisted around the world from North America.

Actually, she has achieved more – she’s the oldest human of either gender to become a singlehanded Cape Horner.

On dry land

She’s back on dry land, but not quite home yet for now it appears that she actually comes from UK, and not Canada - Lymington in Hampshire, apparently.

And yet, in spite of that Herculean achievement, she must be one of the least heralded ocean record-holders, which is extraordinarily emphasised by the BBC, which pushed her outstanding victory down to provincial news, and announced that extraordinary achievement to Hampshire and Isle of Wight readers.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Land Ho! ... Jeanne Socrates' last shot radio'd from the yacht shows the coast of Canada so close. Without a wind, though, so frustratingly far away.

Let this former Fleet Street journalist and singlehanded Cape Horner describe that her achievement as astonishing – and astonishingly downplayed.

Is it because the extraordinarily gifted Brit is a woman?

Ripped mainsail

Ironically for me, the beeb reports that her 38ft yacht, Nereida, suffered a ripped mainsail, during the voyage.

Ironic, because I suffered a torn mainsail on my 38-ft yacht, eM, partway up the Bay of Biscay on my last singlehanded voyage.

I had to turn back and yet was accused of smuggling, and sentenced to 19 years. All possessions and life-savings were claimed by the state.

(Fortunately, the sentence was eventually reduced to eight years and two weeks even though there was less chance of drugs being on that sadly missed yacht than on Jeanne’s.)

A mighty well done, Jeanne Socrates, for your truly outstanding achievement. Three hundred and 39 days alone, out there in the wildest oceans of the world, and this by a 77-year-old!

Hats off to Jeanne!!!

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BBC Hampshire's report of Jeanne's landing

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