I planned to blog tonight about our inglorious leader, the fat lad who seemingly can’t help himself from posing as politicians acted in his boyhood, a boyhood which at least as far as the photographs rather than mannerisms go, ended some considerable time ago.

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Like the lead actor in the local amdram drama, he’s been prompted presumably to play to the gallery.

Do everything to appeal to the voters.

Let what voters want seem to be reflected in press photos.

Tubby lad

We had the tubby lad appearing with a lot of tough coppers, never mind that they were newly in their work, never mind that it seems they were falsely briefed about the posing.

Today's news has him with some primary school kids. One is prompted to ask Wise Sir about the chance of a happy departure from Europe.

It might well appeal to the public eye for Sir to ruffle the lad’s hair.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
She starts with August gathered sheaves,
   Whose golden stems lie over eaves,
   Where many harvest homes ago,
   The bread was baked, from seed well sowed.
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Oops, that might well give rise to certain attitudes about touching youngsters, so our podgy hero does it to his own in that well-practised way that he will have been advised appeals oh so much to some of the electorate.

An old porky pie

And then come the, er, winning words, which seem an almost perfect example of how to tell an old porky pie - or not to, perhaps.

He assures the cameras - er, the lad, of course - that a perfect deal is in the offing.

That’s what I was going to write about this time.

However, it is all so grossly amateurish and unconvincing, let me direct your attention to the words of a pro who definitely deserves much wider recognition.

Robert Graham is one of our really gifted wordsmiths, a poet who reminds us so well of the magic of our lives.

This is his latest on his website. Harvest Home reminds us of some of the wonders of Autumn ... and thankfully false politics, treating the people as fools, is not among them.

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