At last! The courage and achievements of the British singlehanded yachtswoman Jeanne Socrates are recognised by the print media.

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Around alone in 30 days ... The Guardian's report of Jeanne's astonishing singlehanded performance.
Jeanne arrived back in her Canadian departure port on Sunday after 320 days sailing alone around the world, via notorious Cape Horn, in her 38-ft yacht Nereida.

The lady is 77, which of course makes her the oldest human, male or female, to sail around the world alone.


It is an extraordinary performance, especially when compared with the health and life of many 77-year-olds in Britain.

Oddly, BBC News downplayed the success in a provincial slot, Hampshire. Surely the right place for the astonishing performance, that extraodinary achievement was the national news.

When you think back to the coverage that male circumnavigators received, including a knighthood or two, might gender have something to do with it?
Now The Times and The Guardian carry the story – and, if I may comment, about time, too.

When you think back to the coverage that Francis Chichester and other male circumnavigators received, including a knighthood or two, it really makes you wonder – has me wondering – if gender just might have something to do with it.

A sign of the times, and The Times, is that if you want to read all the news you have to pay. And similarly so with The Guardian.

The previous record

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club said the previous record was held by Minoru Saito, who was 71 when he completed the journey in 2005.

The Guardian reports that Jeanne took up sailing with her husband shortly after retiring in 1997. They sailed in Europe, the Caribbean, and the US.

Her husband died in 2003, but Jeanne learned to sail alone, which she described as ‘quite a daunting task, getting to know the various systems on Nereida and dealing with a variety of problems.’

Well done, Jeanne, Superstar, who was well followed on this Sailing to Purgatory blog - with 39 reports of our incredibly brave and determined lady.

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