There I was lambasting the Brit media for overlooking the achievement of our elder sailing star, Jeanne Socrates, 77, when suddenly within days of her return to dry land they – surprise, surprise - heralded the magnificent achievement.

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When so many senior citizens seem to give up once they retire, it is hard to see how copy-tasters and editors weren't amazed the moment they heard of her goal and departure last October.

However, seemingly it meant little to them.

'Such a trend'

'Oh, a senior citizen going off to sea, to sail around the world absolutely alone in some of the most dangerous waters on the planet?

'It's such a trend these days. Hardly news.' And yet believe it or not, at the weekend Jeanne was the star of a media quiz. In the 'Test your knowledge of recent events' quiz in the Metro paper, the very brave elder was there as Question Number 1:

Jeanne Socrates, 77, has broken her own record by becoming the oldest person to do what?

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Finish first ... The media recognised Jeanne's extraordinary voyage only when she finished.
Well done, Metro. But to add insult or injury by the media, listen – and probably look – at the attention given to a 37-year-old American lady swimming both ways across the Channel twice with escorting launches alongside just in case.

Higher rating

Good to laud the brave swimmer, but to give the escorted swim a higher rating than a woman 37 years older who risked her life for 339 days sailing around the world, with no escorting vessel whatsoever, has to be astonishing.

My corner of the web here tried to do Jeanne Socrates proud. Sailing to Purgatory carried 39 stories of super sailor Jeanne.

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Metro: Test your knowledge of recent events

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