What a daffy world of fashion we experience, with sail-like wide trouser legs one year and then tight-tight-tight trouser legs almost the next.

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A fashion revolution ... On the beach, on the street, the bikini revealed women as society had not seen them before, as truly amazing creations! Photo by MAX LIBERTINE on Unsplash
Fashion dictates like this affect both genders, but from a male point-of-view, the garb that style insists on for the female form deserves empathy for the wearers, and yet at the same time …

Well, it must have changed completely the notion of love and affection.

Basic stuff

Not so long ago, not much further back than our grandparents’ grandfathers’ time, a man fell in love with a woman quite oblivious of what – if you’ll excuse the expression – he was actually getting into, devoting himself to, until the marriage chamber.

Basic stuff, of course, but tastes do differ from one male to the next. Some want their, er, feminine shape, to be slim. And many desire quite the opposite; a good handful’s their preference.

Grooms couldn’t know

Yet back then and before, aspiring grooms couldn’t know just what they were getting into, committed to, and usually for life, until the closing of the honeymoon door.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Revealing inventor ... Meet Louis Réard, the man who changed beach fashion forever. Many thanks to Wikipedia: Fair use, Link
Slim-hipped or broad of buttocks, the traditional dress-sense back then kept what lay hidden as a guessing game. The goods were well camouflaged.

It’s likely that our great-great grandfathers had no idea what they were investing their lives and devotion to.

Conversely it’s also quite likely that until that last moment, they may not have known what, as it were, turned them on.

No doubts about that these days.

We know what attracts us and we know what we’re getting.

In fact, we probably see the closely wrapped basics of everything female, and in many cases probably long before we actually see her facial features.

It is extraordinary that what we take for granted these days, very much more than sneak previews, our recent forebears probably actually knew nothing about before committal?

Unsuspecting soul

Well, who changed the situation, which possibly unsuspecting soul unveiled to us all the almost complete female form with all its variations?

The genius was one Louis Reard, a car engineer, who advertised the bikini as 'smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world' 73 years ago.
About the most unlikely character we might imagine.

No film star, this one, with plump features behind weird and massive specs, as revealed this week by the emailing feature, Brain Sharper.

The genius was one Louis Reard, a car engineer, who put his lovely invention the bikini - he advertised it as 'smaller than the smallest bathing suit in the world' - on show 73 years ago.

Louis Reard for President! The man who changed female style forever died in 1984, rather richer, one imagines, than when he opened a swimwear shop featuring his creation in the summer of 1946.

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Wikipedia: Louis Reard
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