Methinks they protest rather too much when they – the media – complain that someone who dominates the headlines is, well, taking advantage of the opposite gender, or trying to.

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All grown up ... Placido Domingo, apologetic. Thanks to Wikipedia for the photo. Concierto de Plácido Domingo con motivo del Año Jubilar Mariano (7-06-2019) Firma: Archimadrid / Ignacio Arregui García
And extraordinarily the papers seem to throw more and more of this, er, news at us.

The latest who has apparently been taking advantage of the opposite gender, or attempting to, is the internationally famous and brilliant opera tenor, Placido Domingo, 78.

Gifted fellow

It’s true that the gifted fellow is no longer quite a male model, but with his talent, it’s hard to imagine he would need to look many years younger.

It is his voice that earns the bucks, and I would have imagined it attracted more relative maidens than a man in his late seventies would know what to do with.

Aren’t most people very aware of the desire of so many young women to, well, at least cuddle the top singers of the world, whether they be 18, or in Placedo’s case, 78.

Nothing new about the news of pop stars being besieged by friendly gals.

Placido is head and shoulders above a pop star, if not in stature certainly in voice. Here is a fellow who is a household name right across the world, whose extraordinarily beautiful voice is heard in recordings – and in opera – in east and western hemispheres.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Growing up ... Seventeen-year-old Plácido Domingo performing the tenor role of Rafael the bullfighter in Penella's El gato montés with Rosa Maria Montes in a production of the Domingo-Embil Zarzuela Company in Mexico City, 1958. Photo thanks to Wikipedia: File:Placido Domingo as tenor Rafael in El Gato Montes, 1958, Mexico City.jpg
As the talented gentleman is so famous and constantly surrounded by the opposite gender, it is very hard to imagine why he would – how he could be said to – grope strangers.

And yet, much of the media, and the Daily Mail, today says he faces multiple sexual harassment claims, including one where he 'grabbed a woman's bare breast'.

In a way grabbing something not seen on exactly every street corner rather points to the likely, er, veracity of the news.

Standing ovations

I suppose, though, that when you have earned fortunes - and keep earning - from your talent and had theatre after theatre awarding you with standing ovations, it must be very difficult to be guided by popular rules.

It’s worth noting, too, that the fashion of many women, young and not-so-young, is so blatantly sexual, it is not likely to go unnoticed by a very masculine man who has known little but the adoration of the opposite gender since, well, probably for all of his life.

Surprise, surprise, this appears in Wikipedia:

‘Accusations of sexual harassment: In August 2019, Domingo was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. Eight singers and a dancer said that Domingo sexually harassed them in incidents that spanned three decades from the late 1980s.’

An open secret

It was reported, notes Wikipedia, that Domingo's sexual advances towards younger women were an open secret in the opera world.

The website said Domingo offered this statement, ‘The allegations from these unnamed individuals dating back as many as 30 years are deeply troubling, and as presented, inaccurate.’

He said, ’I recognise that the rules and standards by which we are—and should be—measured against today are very different than they were in the past.

'I am blessed and privileged to have had a more than 50-year career in opera and will hold myself to the highest standards.'

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