The spoilt brat hits out like, well, a spoilt brat and the Commons is in uproar over the language and the claims of giving the people what they voted for - not mentioning, of course, the countrywide propaganda handed out by the infamous big red bus.

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Just the ticket ... The bus carried the propaganda through the country and very successfully, it seems. Thanks to the BBC for the image.
It certainly seems that the B word, for that painted bus that toured UK promoting an exit from the EU, has been excluded from the language - the political language, anyway.

Big turn out

The brat and his hard right supporters insist they want to give the public what they want.

And there's no doubt that a little more than half of the voters in the poll did go for brexit. But the reason for the big turn out for the poll and why the majority voted for change is not mentioned these days by the fat lad and his hard-right cronies.

However, what an education the Big Red Bus on its extensive tour of UK gave us. We all learned then why we must wait rather a long time in NHS queues at hospitals.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Inside story ... The Independent newspaper wasn't swallowing the nonsense.
The cause, we learned, was because the money the NHS needed was going into the pockets of Europe's fat cats.

One telling (now seemingly secret) slogan on the bus read, 'We send the EU £350 million a week. Let's fund our NHS instead. Vote leave.'

Which certainly seems to suggest that the NHS gets little more than peanuts and we will keep suffering in the queues until we switch the receiver of our fortune.

NHS gets £125 billion

However, according to the registered charity About, their website Full Fact dor org, 'In 2017/18, around £110 billion was spent on the NHS England budget. 'Including things like hospitals, public health initiatives, education training and IT, the cost was £125 billion.'

It seems very odd that the big red bus isn't on show wherever the antis gather ... unless, of course, they might prefer we forget about it and the propaganda that has had such an influence.

Hearing that rowdy discussion in the Commons this week might almost make one feel sorry for the blond lad.

Except that on Radio 4's news today we heard the fat lad's sister remains firmly opposed to brexit, and of course, not long ago the brat's brother walked out of the hard-right party and away from brexit.

Overly enthusiastic

Not long ago, the bully's dad spoke on radio glowing with pleasure that the boy would soon be Prime Minister. I wondered about the overly enthusiastic way the fellow put it.

I suspect it might be that the brat is not just a new brat in the Commons but can now be an old former-brat in the family home.

Might it be that at last the family feels he can throw the toys out of the pram regularly elsewhere, and allow a sort of peace to reign at home because he only needs one place for the temper tantrums?

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Full Fact on the NHS bill

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