Here’s an amazing health benefit that can come from giving up what almost all of us do. Sitting ... at work, at home, even on the bus and train. We really shouldn’t stand for it, suggests good health advocates.

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Healthy approach to the beach ... Stand up for the sun and the sea at the beach and watch the calories drip away. Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash
I discovered this trend after looking – staring – decidedly unhungrily for my gender at the youngish lovelies who fill our streets.

Quite nice complexions, you’d say, a keen sense of style, even though tattooing doesn’t do it for me, and often freshly shampooed hair styled into the odd top-knots that’s seemingly part of modern fashion.

Huge, massive!

But – sorry – these gals are huge, massive, and physically spread out from doing rather more conscientiously, thoroughly, what everyone does. Sitting. Much more excessively, I presume.

Getting home from sitting at the office, and on the bus or tube back, they plonk down in front of the idiot box for the evening.

The situation is so bad in this part of London at least it’s a surprise that they are not targeted by conservationists protesting about what's harming our world.

If two-thirds of the population now weighs a third more, what effect does that have on planet Earth?

Online I found some thoughts on this very dilemma on the excellent ThoughtCo. What do we gain from standing up to work?

Writer Chris Adams reports that sitting for long periods of time causes metabolic issues, we don’t produce ‘chemicals necessary for processing sugars and fats, and our circulation suffers.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Puppy love ... Perhaps keeping a pet comfortable might be an excuse for not standing up for better health. Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash
‘Standing allows your body to adjust and move easily, flexing your muscles continuously,’ he reports. ‘It also keeps your blood circulating well.

‘Movement regulates your blood sugar and keeps your blood pressure lower.

500 calories burned in a day

‘Standing while working will burn one-third more calories – that’s about an additional 500 calories burned in a day. And this lets you live longer.’

Another benefit of a standing desk, he says, is an increase in your focus, alertness, and activity level.

‘When standing, it is easier to release restless energy. Combine that with the good circulation, stable blood sugar, and active metabolism, and it is easier to focus on the task at hand.’

It convinced me. I work at an adjustable bench. I raised it to elbow level – the recommended height for a standing desk – and began writing this piece, ensuring that whether discerning readers here - admired discerning readers! - approve of this, er, pursuit of advanced health or not, I will live longer.

And that means I should actually get through the current sailing manuscript, and all the way to its final curtain, and despatched to a publisher.

And sail standing up?

A friend won’t stand for the theory. He tried, ‘Are you likely to sail always standing up?’

I did stand to steer for very long hours all the way around the world on my bid to become a singlehanded Cape Horner. He scoffed, ’So now you’ll be a nutter on the land about standing, too.’

As if, I said, while wondering if there might be a way to adjust my sports bike so I can cycle always standing up, too.

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ThoughtCo: Stand up for your health's sake
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