The importance of keeping fit and active is a feeling that surfaces especially when friends and associates of a similar age talk at length of telly programmes and not much else.

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Cerebral chords ... Surprise surprise, but singing and playing card games is good for the brain. Photo by Peter Ivey-Hansen on Unsplash
Little above the neck is being exercised, it seems to me, while they are flopped before a small screen, and even less below.

Most of us know it is important to keep at least relatively fit physically. But what about the equally important – or rather more important – cerebrals?

What to do to keep the cerebrals up and running and not shrinking?

Obviously something as far removed from pleasure as one could imagine, surely.

A game of cards

Perhaps cramming a few chapters from a Britannica each night might be a helpful start.

And yet, surprise, surprise, rather the opposite is recommended. Such as a game of card. Cards! Or jigsaw puzzling, even dancing. Dancing???

Sara Lindberg writes in that great encyclopedia of sorts which arrives in the inbox most days, Healthline dot com, that the brain like any other part of the body needs to be cared for, too.

People of all ages can benefit from incorporating a few simple brain exercises into their daily lives.

‘Whether you’re putting together a 1,000-piece image of the Eiffel Tower or joining 100 pieces to make Mickey Mouse, working on a jigsaw puzzle is an excellent way to strengthen your brain. And when’s the last time you played a game of cards?

'Researchers say a quick card game can lead to greater brain volume in several regions … a game of cards could improve memory and thinking skills.’

Solitaire, bridge, gin rummy

How my mother would have enjoyed the advice, especially as it includes games she played most nights, and more card games than I’ve ever heard of - solitaire, bridge, gin rummy, poker, hearts and crazy eights.

Dancing is another surprise. ‘Dance your heart out,’ Sara recommends. ‘Learning new dance moves can increase your brain’s processing speed and memory.’

Sara has more surprise recommendations. For instance, listening to music or playing music can help. Can that be right? ‘Cranking up some feel-good music can help boost your creative thinking and brain power.

‘And if you want to learn how to play music, now is a great time to start because your brain is capable of learning new skills at any point in your life.

‘That’s why you’re never too old to start playing an instrument like the piano, guitar, or even the drums,’ Sara writes.

The full list of sins, er, brain exercises is here ⇒⇒

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