Isn’t it a real surprise when someone you don’t know compliments you on, say, your clothes, or something you said, or perhaps your good manners in holding a door open for a lady.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Snatched sloop ... The prosecution kept insisting that my gorgeous yacht was a smuggling vessel and snatched her from me.
But when, suddenly out of the blue, someone takes the trouble to write to you to compliment you on a book you have written, a book that is truly close to your heart, well, what an astonishing joy that is.

It doesn’t happen often, sad to say, but it did this week.

A complete stranger emailed to say he really enjoyed Sailing to Purgatory.

And so much so that he asked if I had enjoyed any success so far in trying to get some justice for the sentence of nineteen years imprisonment, with possessions including my gorgeous yacht and
funds forfeited.

Dear Paul Rodgers - I have just finished reading your book Sailing to Purgatory. I must congratulate you on having written such a gripping read, a real page-turner even without the astonishing, totally unexpected, finale; I really did not see that coming.

You have a tremendous way with words.

So many questions

But I doubt if I am alone in finding that the conclusion, and afterword, begs so many questions.

For how long were you imprisoned? Was there an appeal? Did your case ever get referred to the CCRC? What is your situation now?

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Hidden from the jury ... The landing certificate that failed to appear in the trial. The prosecution said I went to St Helena secretly to 'lay low', ignoring/hiding this proof to the contrary, and not explaining why a Brit would go to a British dependency to 'lay low' when a republic lay nearby.
How did your family respond to your conviction and did they stay by your side? What became of Sofie?

Did she ever communicate with you in the aftermath?

I expect you are more than familiar with these questions.

I guess they could all add up to a follow-on book. Are you still writing?

Kind regards

I replied that I am working on the sequel to Sailing to Purgatory, a tale of totally unjust imprisonment, England’s longest criminal trial (held in secret), then serving the sentence, being almost murdered by a cellmate, and the astonishing behaviour of the defence when I returned, just about penniless, to life.

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