I visited a Lidl supermarket for some essentials this evening and endured - suffered - virus propaganda over the loudspeakers that was beyond unnerving, and in a way almost mocking.

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No kissing, no hugs ... The Plague's risks to society makes a danger of pleasantries we almost take for granted.
And how ironic to hear it in a German shop, for Germany is one part of the world where the government didn't dither like our crowd.

Instead they set about protecting their citizens immediately.


The message Lidl relayed was very similar to the propaganda we hear throughout the day and night, but with one little - Lidl - exception.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Confined to barracks ... The lockdown keeps families indoors, where the greatest pleasure often is the view out there of the world.
This warning told shoppers not even to look at other customers nor the cashiers.

Well, well, disease transference by eyesight. I'm almost certain that German citizens aren't warned of that very unusual risk.

That unpleasantness came from abroad. However, here's a much kinder and less insulting reminder of the modern-day plague.

Virus-handling dither

This comes from the US, which ironically could hardly have a worse reputation for its virus-handling dither.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
It's a wonderful world ... The video reminds us of some magical parts of our world. Magical is certainly the view of Table Mountain from the sea as you approach Cape Town.
This is from thoughtful and concerned friend Mrs Gerry Roos, from over The Pond. It's a short video, very well produced and quite the opposite of the intrusive Lidl blare.

It looks to the positives and it reminds us that the world might well not actually belong to our species, but that it's a great place, the best we'll ever know.

You're very welcome to download it and send it to friends and relations so they can experience the positive thoughts it promotes.

The video is here →

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