Here's a side of Covid plague that most of us thankfully don't have to experience, and happily know very little about.

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Preparing Pentax ... Gerry with husband Pat back in the days when the yacht was being modified for the Cape Horn voyage.
Good friend Gerry Adamson, who helped enormously to make a success of my singlehanded voyage around the world via notorious Cape Horn, was being prepared in hospital for major heart surgery five months ago.

She was very aware that the operation involves a marathon procedure, as I told in a blog in March.

However, that article turned out to be decidedly premature.


Almost as she was being wheeled into the operating theatre, the op was abandoned because of likely Corona virus dangers.

Gerry hasn't spoken this way, but steeling yourself up for a truly serious operation and then having it postponed at the very last moment must challenge the positive attitude of even the bravest.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Heart surgeon Mr Tsang.
And yet for those five months, the good lady held onto her courage, which is especially amazingly as it seemed that most of her family and many friends did their best to talk her out of it.

Brave lady

The brave lady believed that the vital operation to replace two heart valves is really important, and on Wednesday returned to hospital.

Yesterday, surgeon Mr Geoffrey Tsang began the four-hour-plus operation as I stood outside the huge hospital with fingers crossed.

Covid rules ensured that I couldn't be any closer.

This morning, a cheery nurse attending to her, assured me that she is 'doing okay, doing nicely.'

A possibility that Gerry might have to remain sedated for four days has proved unnecessary. Hopefully, before long, she'll be back caring for her extensive and gorgeous garden.

Very best of luck for the recovery, Gerry.

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