Which outdoor work needs the calmest nerves? Until a few hours ago, I might have put singlehanded sailing rather close to the top. However, a lot of the cool needed for solo sailing comes from training and experience.

Apologies for the break in blog transmissions. The accommodation in the Cape lost its web connection for a few days.
Start reading David McMillan's book, Unforgiving Destiny: The Relentless Pursuit of a Black Marketeer, and frankly people in my old game of professional yachtmastering don't get a look in.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Victim ... David McMillan's story of being pursued for smuggling. Something of a variation on my story of ambush and gross injustice.

Unforgiving Destiny follows the true story of the 37-year pursuit by authorities on five continents to imprison and execute David McMillan as he travelled as an independent smuggler.

Dogged by an obsessed DEA agent, he evaded the death penalty in Thailand by escaping prison, only to be 'disappeared' in Pakistan after crossing the Afghan border.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Victim ... David McMillan, hounded by the authorities for 37 years.

After every downfall, David McMillan rebuilt his life and network only to find the same agency people arranging for his capture.

World's worst prisons

David explains, 'Imagine losing everything you care about. Home, family, freedom, every object that built your life. Then find yourself locked in some of the world's worst prisons.'

I was impressed enough to offer a review - and not just because I know what it's like when the State does that, even when they know it couldn't be. 'David McMillan has a deserved reputation for arresting openings to his stories, and - phew! - no less with this story. It's extraordinary! How is this brilliant writer still alive after all he has been through?

'It's ... a biography you won't want to put down. A word of warning, though. Unforgiving Destiny is not good for those who like to read a chapter before turning off the light for the night. You won't want to - you won't be able to - till the end of the last page.' David McMillan's book is here on Amazon.

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