Visitors may remember the great bathroom saga where your asset-stripped narrator was being treated to a new bathroom, thanks to the State's better known humanity.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Joining in ... The expert joiner helps to make the new bathroom really stunning.
And it is gorgeous and so useful. Of course, it goes without saying that bathrooms are exceedingly useful. We don't have to make do with outhouses and heavy porcelain pots, and washing basins, thankfully, in this century.

This brand new one is not only practical in the extreme, it's been really well built.

Readers will probably remember the good work of master plumber Dumitru-Dorel Dinu, and the excellent craftsmanship of Plasterer Circui Liviu.

Public salute

Restoration specialist Emanuel Enache, and electrician Daniel worked their magic to ensure a near perfect job.

However, one man, or at least one man, missed out on my public salute before I left for the Cape to work on and write Adrift. He was the joiner who, like his workmates, gave professionalism a capital P. Sadly, I can't find his name. But many thanks to him for adding his great skill to my lovely new bathroom.

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