If there's one thing that Lockdown knocks down, it's style. Surely the plague nonsense must end sometime.

But in the meantime, how are we to manage when attractive callers come calling?

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Glamour clamour ... Lock down is a challenge for the locks, but there some things you can do to help, suggested by top hair stylist Julia Dolton. Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

It’s natural that even locked away, we still want to look our best for ourselves, and for the friends, relations, even film stars who just might come pressing on your doorbell.


Locked away won't last forever, even if that’s how it feels at this stage.

The plague bugs will give up, be beaten, find their match in some inoculation mix, and the tubby leader proclaiming the lockdown certainly’s not going to last forever, not with a waist like that.

One of life’s verboten pleasures is a visit to the hairdressers’ for a stylish shearing. What are we to do, and most of all how's the gentler gender, so used to salon visits, to cope?

Stylist in action

I’d say hope, but better to get an expert opinion, so I asked one of the country’s top stylists, a gal with lots of international experience.

Image of part of  a Sailing to Purgatory webpage to illustrate the article.
Julia's website
This is Julia Dolton who desired to be a hairstylist almost from the first day that as a child she saw a stylist in action.

Once schooling ended, she became an apprentice in a West End salon. As soon as graduation came round, she took her passion to cruise liners and saw the world while styling lucky passengers.

Julia as a hair stylist probably circumnavigated more times that I have as a solo yachtsman. And along the scenic route, on the most splendid of liners, she polished up her skill.

Highly proficient, almost unmatchable in her trade now, she returned to the land and not so surprisingly has remained a very popular stylist ever since.

What’s your advice, Julia?

Here we are again - Lockdown #3. Heartbreaking for so many businesses but we must protect everyone.

With no date of resuming in sight, here are a few tips to help maintain your hairs' condition and integrity.

Harsh and difficult

I don't recommend any box colours as they can be harsh and also difficult to apply correctly.

It is also extremely difficult to remove and correct the colour afterwards, as well as costly. So to be avoided if possible. please.

Keep hair and scalp  fresh and clean. Shampoo every few days to keep the scalp clear. A healthy scalp grows healthy hair.

Time to apply your hair treatments and leave on for longer - 10 minutes ... or even all day.

Shampoo, towel dry by blotting excess moisture, not rubbing your hair. Apply treatment - enough to saturate all the hair. Wrap with some cling film or a plastic bag and leave.

Remove and condition hair.

Perhaps it would be good to go easy on heat appliances - hairdryer, tongs, irons etc. It's good to give hair a break.

If your hair grows too long, I recommend a small trim around the face or fringe to extend the cut. Do it on dry hair and cut just small amounts.

Hair always grows

Hair always grows and a professional hairdresser can rectify any 'holes'.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully it won't be too long before hairstylists get back to doing what we hairstylists do best - hair.

And hopefully we will all be healthy and safe to resume the activities, the life, we enjoy. Take care  and keep safe. - Julia Dolton

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