When people meet, the custom is to swap a compliment or two. 'Love the new hat. Must have cost a fortune.'

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Divine ... Kiwis might well be denied Covid, but there's no denying them the views of a stunningly beautiful country.
And the person being praised would return the compliment.

'What snazzy braces,' or something similar perhaps.


When I heard – and hear – praise offered for the way New Zealand is handling Covid, I feel keen to pass it on to friends Down Under where much of my upbringing happened. It seems natural and quite the usual thing to hear praise returned for offered praise.

Perhaps it might be about the way Blighty is handling, well ... there must be plenty of areas for praise even if I am struggling to recall one.

It was easy for us to look to science and with clear enunciation of the goal, for our government to follow the educated and properly thought-out response ...
Oh, perhaps for how we're surviving the winter.


Probably it's better not to mention the way our capitalistic culture is bankrupting business with a rather devastating lockdown.

Off went my praise to enzed friends, and thanks to the speed of the internet a, well, sort of, pat on the back landed in the inbox very close to immediately ...

The reply: There's no real surprise to us at all in the different outcomes. NZ is a well-educated country/population brought up to understand that science in all its facets if followed improves our lives.

It was easy for us to look to science and with clear enunciation of the goal, for our government to follow the educated and properly thought-out response.

Borders are secure

Apart from not being able to leave our shores, life is very much the same as it was 18 months ago before Covid commenced.

Our borders are secure. We have daily cases of Covid, but those are in isolated areas and unlikely to spread to the community.

Those leaving confinement after a 14-day stay are no longer carriers. Result? Of course, a risk of a spread remains, but it is very low and life here remains brilliant.

Your government in its abysmal handling of all things Brexit showed its incompetency and continues to with its handling of Covid. It has lost the confidence of its citizens so people just ignore it to their peril.

The boarders here are definitely not closed and nor about to be.

Entry rules are stricter

Entry into New Zealand by returning residents and permitted people are now stricter. All have to have been tested 72 hours before departure and have a clear test.

Otherwise they are quarantined for two weeks with testing during that period.

The bottom line: There is no known Covid outbreak in our community.

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