Some timely advice for looking after your locks in lockdown comes today from one of Britain’s top hair stylists.

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Hair challenge ... You can't get to the hairdresser, you can't even go out, some say. And yet your crowning glory is surely not to be allowed to lose its gloss. Julia Dolton has some excellent advice which will please your hair and admirers.
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Julia Dolton’s encouraging advice is mainly for the fairer gender, but much applies for men who care about their locks, too, lockdown or no lockdown.

Julia certainly wins a roar of approval from all of the 66 and a bit million of us.

And a mighty roar, at that, when she says, ‘Hopefully, we’re nearing the end of our Lockdown No 3.’


Before the reminder of why we’re seeing so much of our homes turns quickly to depression, she says encouragingly, ‘I’m sure I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.’

Doubtlessly most of us wish we could, too.

Surely it has to end sometime and hopefully very, very soon.

Julia told me, ‘I keenly await Boris’s announcement and a roadmap out of lockdown.’ The Hair and Beauty industry, she reports, has been moved from the hospitality and retail sector to a new group named Personal Care.

I’ve not been wasting time. I’ve been attending hair education programs online. They’re informative and fun. The hair industry is always progressing, and I am constantly learning and keeping up to date ...

‘I hope it will let our sector resume business very soon - with all safety measures in place, naturally.’

She warns about short-term measures that many may be resorting to, such as what she terms box colours.

Harsh on hair

‘They can be very harsh on the hair and difficult to rectify afterwards. If you have succumbed, though, that rectifying isn’t impossible.’

Julia says, ‘As we are obliged to spend more time at home, this could be a good time to pamper your hair with a treatment. And it can be left on a little longer than time usually allows, and that’s an advantage.’

What the best way to pamper the hair with a treatment?

‘You shampoo, towel dry, and apply treatment. Then you should wrap your hair – and that part of the head – in clingfilm.

‘And thanks to lockdown, you can leave the arrangement in place for thirty minutes, an hour … or all day!’

No heat tools

Julia advises, ‘Then rinse and apply the conditioner. Perhaps your hair can be spared any of the usual heat tools – curling tongs, irons and the like, if possible.’

I wondered if Julia has been more or less obliged to pass hours and hours in front of the box during the lockdown madness.

‘I’ve not been wasting time,’ she said. ‘I’ve been attending hair education programs online. They’re informative and fun.

‘The hair industry is always progressing, and I am constantly learning and keeping up to date.

‘There are new techniques to be learned and fashion updates and products evolving and improving constantly.’

Wouldn’t that be rather boring for an expert in the hairdressing trade? ‘Not in the least,’ she said. ‘And experiencing the progress keeps my brain from seizing up, too!’

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